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There are so many prescription cash discount cards, aren’t they all the same?

While it is true that the market for these cards is crowded and competitive, there are meaningful differences amongst these cards. These differences include the actual savings for the patient,  the level of pharmacy and patient customer service including 24 hour telephone and email support,  transparent and true pricing for all prescriptions medications that is updated on a frequent basis, and the level of pharmacy  acceptance.’s The Card, leveraging is two million members, is able to negotiate significant savings of up to 40% off on prescription medications while providing unparalleled patient and pharmacist customer service through our 24 hour telephone and email support.  In addition, our pricing for all prescription medications is updated on a daily basis allowing 100% real-time transparent pricing.  The pricing your patients see listed on our website is exactly what they pay at the pharmacy.

Aren’t there other prescription cash discount cards that offer higher discounts?
Some unscrupulous marketers of prescription cash discount card may claim to offer bigger discounts however these calculations are based on what we term ‘fuzzy math’.  Let us explain.  Many of the these marketers make these claims because they calculate the discount off of the pharmacist’s Submitted Price (an extremely high and exorbitant price usually submitted to an insurance company), while the honest and transparent marketers calculate their discount off the ‘Usual & Customary’ price (the price that an uninsured patient would expect to pay).  We feel the latter method is not only a true reflection of actual savings but is also a reflection of the integrity of the company standing behind their own card. bases their Card’s savings off of the Usual and Customary’ price which allows our member to truly realize their actual cost savings.

What do I do if the pharmacy does not accept my card?
The Card is accepted at over 54,000 pharmacies nationwide. If your pharmacy does not accept The Card, please have them call our toll-free Member Services at (800) 974-3454 to become new members to our network.  Also, please visit our Pharmacy Search to find the nearest pharmacy that accepts The Card.

What if the pharmacy cash price lower is lower than the Card discounted price?
If this happens, you will always pay the lower price, guaranteed!

How do I know what my discounted price for my prescription medications I should expect to pay using The Card?
Our pricing is updated daily and provides you the discounted retail price for all pharmacies that accept The Card. You should check our Drug Search database on our home page to find the nearest pharmacy with the lowest discounted price.